Engage your Staff/Customers during Campaigns & Events

It’s essential that your Campaign and Events have maximum engagement for your staff and customers. Involving them in a campaign branded photo makes the campaign memorable, provides a physical photo and digital output, which they can post on internal company share sites like Yammer, Facebook for Business, and also external social networks.

This promotes their involvement, support, as well as being ambassadors to endorse the campaign values further to colleagues, family and future connections, driving the reach of the campaign further.
During your event, campaign live pictures can also be broadcast as a slide show to your website and internal television message system.
Working closely with your campaign/events team we create a variety of photo templates to focus on the message for great engagement. Campaign templates can be designed in line with your brand for maximum impact and we will arrange how best to include the staff into the design using our green screen effects software with overlay graphics / text.

Involve everyone in the campaign

TheGiantPhotoBooth can be used for any campaign/event to bring engagement to staff and customers. The method helps encourage teams and the shyer colleagues to take part showing their support. Focus on International Days like International Women’s/Men Days or World Culture Day. Our Booth technicians work with your colleagues to bring the campaign engagement to life, and help focus the message.

Bring learning and engagement to all staff and customers with focus on subjects like Workplace Diversity and Unconscious Bias campaigns, promoting greater knowledge and understanding to drive the message and support throughout the organisation.

Add your own Branding to TheGiantPhotoBooth to focus your campaign engagement

TheGiantPhotoBooth can be branded in line with your Campaign / Event. Front panels can be created to present your campaign design..

Adding your own imagery brings greater focus to your campaign to promote the theme to staff  and customers. Bright, interesting branding works well to engage people to participate, learn, remember and have fun.

After the campaign / event we provide you with the digital versions of the photos as well as the green screen images for use in your branding and marketing promotions.

Contact us to discuss branding options and turnaround times.


Starting from £985 + VAT

TheGiantPhotoBooth brings a highly effective fun creative tool to your Events and Campaigns. From Marketing products and services, promoting your Brand, Corporate Christmas Parties, Corporate Fun days, to Celebrating and informing about World Days like International Women’s Day, Pride, LGBT, National Culture Day and many more …. The GiantPhotoBooth is fully adaptable to your requirements.

Included with the standard service is

  • Standard GiantPhotoBooth (branded The GiantPhotoBooth)
  • Photo Template designed for your Brand, Event, Campaign
  • Included our standard templates (i.e. Awards, Red Carpet, Christmas, New Years, many others…. and all can be adapted to your requirements)
  • UNLIMITED Photos and Prints
  • UNLIMITED Visits to the Booth
  • Giant 6″x 8″ Prints (printed in approx. 15 seconds per print)
  • Huge Selection of Fun Props, from Wigs, Hats, Glasses….Emojis..
  • Selection of our stock Cardboard Cut-outs. (addional ones can be purchased)
  • Photo Share Cloud Branded to your Event, with or without Password Access (It’s your choice)
  • Easily Share Cloud-stored photos to Social media platforms
  • Option available to display on Venues Projectors/Screens (to be agreed by Venue etc)
  • Fully Supportive Staff to Welcome your Guests and Entertain for a great PhotoBooth Experience

(Additional reasonable costs cover travel, parking and accommodation where required pending your requirements and are negotiable)