• Picture taken for Bespoke photo templates

    We integrate on the day, your wedding photo into several photo templates
    for your guest to pose and take away a great memory

  • Your Personalised Wedding Media Wall

    When your Guest arrive we ask them to give a short video congratulations message in front of your personalised Media Wall.

  • Creating special memories

    Photo templates can be themed to your wedding with the guest photo being added in the white area.

  • Bespoke Photo templates

    Your Beskpoke template can be colourful providing from 1-4 guest photo area and include text overlay and graphics.

  • Anything is possible?

    Having a themed wedding we can create your unique templates to match. Great for sharing on social media

Congratulations… Let’s make your Wedding day even more spectacular and unique.

We offer two price options to cover your requirements.

  • Our Full Day Package (£745+Vat) is from your Wedding Start to the Wedding End day.
  • Our Half day Package (£595+Vat) either covers set-up in the morning and usage until the evening party OR set-up in the afternoon until end of the evening party.

Our prices below cover the areas Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire. We are available to travel to all locations in the UK Mainland. Please contact us to discuss.

TheGiantPhotoBooth Team are here to make Your Wedding great by engaging your Guest to create great memories of your special day.

Here is the outline of our service.

Prior to your Wedding
We design bespoke photo templates to work in TheGiantPhotoBooth giving you and your guests great photo opportunities. Templates can be themed to your wedding format and your interests

  • The Media Wall Template: Just like in football conferences, we create a background with your wedding details styled like Logos so your guest can stand in front and give a personalised video message
  • Wedding Couple Photo Templates: These templates incorporate your wedding photo, and areas for your guests’ photos.
  • The Wedding Calendar: We add your wedding picture and your guest in the calendar template, great for the fridge or having in a picture frame.
  • Wedding Theme backgrounds: Using your Wedding theme we will provide related backgrounds for your guest to have great photo memories. These may also include your names and any text/graphics added to the photos. i.e. a thank you message. We can also take your own favourite pictures to make as the backgrounds.
  • Your Wedding Online Gallery: We set-up your online photobooth gallery and brand it to your wedding theme, create a link and Q Code for easy access for your guest to view on the wedding day and after. All photos from the gallery can be shared on social networks.

During your Wedding Day

The exciting day has arrived, and we want to ensure your guests are kept entertained

After your wedding ceremony, we prepare your Wedding Templates with your Wedding Photo. This can either be provided to us by your wedding photographer or we can take the photo during the official photo shoot or take your photo in the photobooth. We then add your photo to your bespoke wedding photo templates.

Guest arriving from the Ceremony, as they arrive, we invite them to make a short Video Congratulation against your Media Wall

During the time up to your sit-down meal we then run the booth with fun cardboard character cut-outs, keep the kids entertained and always happy to let them take over for creative fun photos.

No time for lull periods, guest can have photos taken with your official wedding photo using various bespoke templates and fun props

Evening approaching, Well it’s time to Party. Your evening guests arrive, lets direct them through the photobooth for the red carpet  photo, we then continue with all the functions of the photobooth for the rest of the evening.

Don’t forget to pop in for your fun photos.

Big Features of TheGiantPhotoBooth

  • Full person size pictures: Our booth enables full size standing up photos to be placed into any scene, from being on the Moon, having your own Media Wall to standing on the Red Carpet. Being full size is much more fun that just the top half of you.
  • Easy Access: The Photo Booth easily provides access for up to 12 people at once and is easily access by wheelchairs.
  • Background Pictures: Pictures are taken against the green screen which enables any background to be added. Do you have a favourite picture you have taken, a romantic place you visited, we can include them as backgrounds for your guests or provide ones to help theme your event?
  • Text Messages and other graphics: We can add your text messages and graphics to templates. Maybe the wedding couples guest message.
  • Video recording: Make short videos with messages from your guests. Maybe a congratulations message, or a short story about the wedding couple, highlight a memory.
  • Animated Gif: Sounds techy? It’s simply taking several photo poses and adding them together to animate the picture. Great fun and perfect for social media sharing
  • Boomerang: is a short video where you make a funny movement in, and then it repeats back and forward again great for social media uploads
  • Prints: All our print are large 6″x8″. We do everything bigger.
  • Everything uploaded: to your Guest Gallery, video, pictures. Instantly.

PS: Don’t forget to view our INFO page which gives size details to TheGiantPhotoBooth.
If you have any questions please call and we will be glad to help.

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